Simple. Secure. Compliant. Finxera builds apps that move money.

We design our apps With the nuances of your industry in mind.

To power those apps We constructed a robust new platform.

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Introducing Our Industry First Platform

Online transactions are complex. Money runs a maze of separate services for card processing, accounting, bill payment, and collection. And the rules that govern it all change constantly.

Finxera handles all of these problems with one incredible platform made up of three specialized layers. Our Core Engine does the heavy lifting, covering everything from security and compliance to money movement and account management.

The Connector Layer engages financial networks with a single solution for multiple business needs. The API Layer gives developers all the tools they need to connect a wide range of customized apps.

Platform Highlights

Every Year

We Move Over 2 Billion Dollars

Every Month

We Process 6 Million API Calls

Every Day

We Manage 200K FDIC-insured Accounts

Platform Core Engine

Our apps are powered by the Finxera Core Engine. It’s built with robust technology and a scalable architecture that has the ability to handle every aspect of the transaction lifecycle. The Finxera Core Engine operates with maximum speed and security, bringing efficiency and peace of mind to online transactions.

Money Movement

  • Credit Cards
  • ACH
  • Bill Pay
  • Checks / Wire


  • Open
  • Validations
  • Ledgering
  • Reconciliation


  • BSA / AML
  • OFAC
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • PCI / SSAE


  • For the cloud
  • On the cloud
  • No SPOF
  • Hot Backups


  • Encryption
  • Coding Practices
  • Intrusion Detection
  • File Management

Platform Connectors

Connectors allow the core engine to easily connect to external systems like the NACHA network, bill pay networks, banks, identity verification systems, FedWire, and card processors. Because the Finxera platform was built with scalability in mind, connectors facilitate the rapid integration of new networks and payment methods without impacting the core engine.

Platform API Layer

The Finxera APIs allow applications and extended business logic to be crafted from our core functionality. Approximately 29 APIs enable an unprecedented combination of solutions to be created. Developers can validate clients identity, create bank accounts, collect money into those accounts, and move money out with a choice of SOAP or RESTful methods.

All major payment methods are supported, including credit card processing, ACH debits, electronic bill payments, physical checks, and more.


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